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Offres d'emploi et de projets

Projet de maîtrise en hydrogéologie

Objectif : Quantifier le bilan hydrique de deux tourbières nordiques dans la région de la Baie-James au centre-nord du Québec

  • Instrumenter deux tourbières minérotrophes
  • Mesurer les flux entrants (nappe et précipitations) et sortants (débits à l’exutoire et infiltration)
  • Calculer la dynamique hydrique des tourbières


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MYFROG project - 4 Ph.D. positions available

The MYFROG project: Maintaining high Yields in Québec Field crops while Reconsidering the Option of using Glyphosate

Field crops (grain corn and soybean) in Québec cover over 800 000 hectares and represent one of the largest source of agricultural revenues but are also responsible for most of the use of glyphosate-containing herbicides (GCH). Maintaining high field crops yields while drastically reducing the usage of these herbicides is of strategic importance for keeping the agricultural sector prosperous in a sustainable environment. In close collaboration with the Québec Ministry of Agriculture, fisheries and food (MAPAQ), this interdisciplinary project aims at establishing a comprehensive portrait of the impacts of massive usage of GCH in different field crops systems in Québec on key agricultural soil functions such as nutrient retention and recycling, compaction prevention, water retention and carbon sequestration, as well as water quality represented by the percolation of glyphosate and its main degradation product (aminomethylphosphonic acid) in agricultural streams. A promising direct seeding mulch-based cropping system, promoted by our supporting company SCV Agrologie and requiring little GCH applications will be tested in two climatic zones of Québec in fields of participating farmers and in experimental plots at the Grain Research Center (CEROM).

4 Ph.D. research projects available (scholarship: $CAD 21,000/year):

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